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About Zions Kreations

Zions Kreations was founded in 2018 with pure intentions and a lot of love.  The foundation of our business has always had healing and reclamation of self at its core. Within our own healing journey, we have been able to utilize these techniques to create and manifest a blissful life. In 2019 Empress Jess began to offer creative DIY workshops which focus on your inner-child sacral chakra healing. In the midst of Covid, the storefront was opened in June of 2021. We now have a safe space to offer a wide range of holistic & wellness products to jumpstart or continue you on your own personal journey to living happy & whole. When shopping with Zions Kreations you can trust the energy and authenticity of your products. We love our community and are very grateful for the support of our local business!

Healing Stones

Zions Kreations:
Empowering you to unlock the self healer within

Explore the Kreations


Located inside MacArthur Center,

300 Monticello Ave Norfolk VA

Handmade & Unique finds that honor the divine in you.

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