Chakras are the divine power of our inner energy system. The driving force of life. When your chakras are blocked you are in a state of harmonious flow. When your energy centers are blocked it can lead to stagnation and physical or spiritual ailments. 


These orgonite palm stones help to activate, align, and open your energy center. This set includes 7 stones to be used as a manifestation tool to awaken and revitalize your chakras. Infused with healing crystals and gold & copper elements. Reiki charge with high vibrational energy .



Lapis Lazuli _Third Eye

Blue lace agate_Throat Chakra 

Malachite_Heart Chakra

Citrine_Solar Plexus Chakra

Carnelian_Sacral Chakra

Red Jasper_Root Chakra


Sets are made to order and require 1week to cure before shipping.

Orgonite Chakra balancing palm stones


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